Behaviour Change Officer (Hpc/Hpe 2)

Behaviour Change Officer (Hpc/Hpe 2)


Behaviour Change Officer (Hpc/Hpe 2)

Details of the offer

WebsiteMinistry of Health & Wellness (MOH)
The Ministry of Health & Wellness is seeking suitably qualified candidates to apply to fill the following positions:
Behaviour Change Officer (HPC/HPE 2)(Not Vacant) – Two (2) Positions

Job Purpose
The incumbent has specific responsibility to manage the behaviour change communication effort, develop policy guidelines for health promotion activities and implement health promotion programmes.

Key Outputs
Behaviour Change programmes
Behaviour modified
Evaluation tool developed
Advice provided
Counselling services
Policies and guidelines developed

Key Responsibility Areas
Collaborates with Director, Health Promotion and Education and other senior managers in the design and implementation of programmes aimed at behaviour modifications.
Plans and monitors the implementation of health education programmes at the national, regional and parish levels.
Develops a mechanism to conduct analytical evaluation of materials distributed with the view to maintain community interest and to improve service delivery.
Utilizes evaluation and research findings when making recommendations for the development and implementation of behaviour change strategies.
Maintains effective interaction with the Regional Health Authorities to ensure the successful implementation of programme activities, to facilitate the process of achieving the programme goals.
Provides information on the performance of behaviour change programmes and make recommendations to Director, Health Promotion and Education Senior managers within the Ministry of Health and the regional Health Authorities, in order to facilitate informed policy decisions.
Evaluates behaviour change programmes to determine their efficiency and effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement or cancellation.
Collaborates with government and non-government organizations in order to ensure a coordinated to behaviour modification.
Develops theoretical models addressing interpersonal factors, institutional factors and community factors for health promotion.
Participates in community intervention program development to reduce targeted risk factors and implement intervention programmes which make optimum use of available resources.
Participates in the development and implementation of research groups as required.
Participates in the establishment of counselling services in communities, schools etc.
Submits monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the progress of the behaviour change programme to the Director, health Promotion and Education.
Represents the Ministry of Health at relevant seminars and conferences.
Performs any other duties, as assigned by the Director, Health Promotion and Education.

Performance Standard
Programmes developed and implemented
Behaviour modified / positively impacted
High level of performance is demonstrated.
Deadlines are consistently met.
Reports prepared and submitted by established deadlines
Frequent attendance and participation at relevant seminars and conferences
Counselling Services implemented and sustained

Required Competencies
Core Competencies
Effective written communication skills
Effective oral communication skills
Excellent human relations and interpersonal skills
Managing external relationships
Managing the client interface
Team work and cooperation
Planning and organizing skills
Change management skills
Functional/Technical Competencies
Project Management skills
Computer literacy
Time management skills
Research methodology and data analysis skills
Knowledge of Ministry of Health Policies
Knowledge of laws and regulations governing the National Health Sector
Knowledge of regional and international trends and development in communication techniques
In-depth knowledge of social, cultural environmental and economic factors that impact on human behavioral patterns.

Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences or equivalent
Post graduate training in Behavioral Sciences or Health Education
Minimum of six (6) years working experience in health education or communication or in a related field.
Any equivalent combination of education and experience

Special Conditions Associated with the Job
May be required to work beyond the normal working hours in order to meet deadlines
Required to travel island wide

Recommend new programmes aimed at behaviour modification.
Recommend changes to programmes currently in operation in order to increase their overall efficiency and effectiveness.
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