Senior Legal Officer (Generalist) (Level 8)

Senior Legal Officer (Generalist) (Level 8)


Senior Legal Officer (Generalist) (Level 8)

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The Jamaica Customs (An Executive Agency) invites applications from suitably qualified individuals to fill the position of:
Senior Legal Officer (Generalist) (Level 8)

Job Purpose
The incumbent will be responsible for leading the team in preparation of cases for Court in relation to matters in which the Agency has an interest and institute legal proceedings for cases of breaches of the Customs Act and other related legislation. Also, he/she will prepare cases for deliberation to the appropriate body (such as Office of the Attorney General, Resident Magistrate’s Court, Supreme Court); and, do research and advise the Agency on matters relating to the customs laws, financial legislation and other legal issues.

Key Responsibilities
Technical/Professional Responsibilities
Leads team in preparation of cases for Court in relation to matters in which the Agency has an interest by:
Coordinating and supervising the activities of the Legal Officer to ensure completion of assigned cases as well as compliance with established procedures and technical requirements.
Assisting the Senior Director, Legal Affairs in developing workload and staff assignment plans and preparing for investigations to be conducted.
Supervising the investigation and preparation of cases for civil recovery to ensure that they adequately support investigative findings and are in compliance with investigative standards.
Attending court and represent the Agency in matters arising under the relevant laws.
Institutes legal proceedings for breaches of the Customs Act and regulations by:
Instituting legal action to recover unpaid duties and defends the Agency in civil suits.
Conducting legal research to interpret and apply the law to a variety of scenarios and cases.
Analyzing and formulating legal strategies and agreements to employ in the prosecution and defense of cases.
Ensuring that the necessary rules associated with criminal and/or civil proceedings are complied with; and,
Providing supporting documents and affidavits.
Prepares cases for deliberation to the appropriate adjudicating body by:
Advising the merits of cases under the Customs Act or any other relevant legislation.
Instructing the Attorney General’s Chambers on civil matters as well as legal issues which require the institution of new and/or improved procedures and strategies, where appropriate.
Liaising with overseas organizations for cooperation and assistance between this and other jurisdictions in the investigation of certain issues relating to customs breaches.
Analyzing issues and evaluating evidence presented; and,
Prosecuting sensitive high profile and complex cases with significant legal or evidentiary issues.
Researches and advises the Agency on matters relating to the customs, financial legislation, and other legal matters by:
Advising on legal issues relating to revenue law and customs investigation.
Advising on the negotiation of settlements on behalf of the Agency.
Securing amendments to contracts and other legal documents.
Human Resources Responsibilities
Leads and manages the Section in the achievement of its objectives.
Oversees preparations of work plans for the Unit.
Conducts periodic reviews of supervisees in accordance with work plans.
Conducts assessment of supervisees based on performance assessment criteria and prepares performance report.
Signs performance management reports.
Manages the performance of the Unit and its staff setting performance targets, monitoring performance, providing feedback to staff, and arranging for training.
Ensures that staff have sufficient and appropriate physical resources to undertake their duties efficiently and effectively.
Conducts on the job coaching within the Unit.
Customer Service Responsibilities
Maintains customer service principles, standards, and measurements.
Identifies and incorporates the interests and needs of customers in business process design.
Ensures critical success factors are identified and meets expectations.
Prepares quarterly and/or annually Customer Service reports in accordance with established standards.
Other Responsibilities
Performs all other duties and functions as may be required from time to time.

Required Skills/Competencies
Excellent leadership and strategic management skills.
Excellent research and investigative skills.
Excellent interpersonal and staff management skills.
Excellent written and oral communication, negotiating and persuasion skills.
High levels of integrity, professionalism, ethics, and ability to keep confidentiality.
Strong judgment, problem solving and analytical skills.
Good public speaking skills.
Extremely attentive to accuracy and detail, highly organized with demonstrated ability to work well under pressure regarding deadlines, workload, and unexpected developments.
Excellent computer literate skills and competence in Microsoft Office Suite Application.
Expert knowledge of Customs Act, Regulations and related legislation and rulings.
Expert knowledge of legal strategies and rules of statutory interpretation.
Sound knowledge of Customs related legislation and regulations, particularly the Tax Laws and Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) legislation.
Sound knowledge of business laws, commercial practices, and, international trade practices and policies.
Thorough knowledge of litigation practices and procedures.
Comprehensive knowledge of Agency’s activities, policies, and procedures.
Comprehensive knowledge of investigative policies and methods.
Working knowledge of the applicable rules of criminal practice and procedure and the relevant constitutional laws.
Working knowledge of the relevant computer systems and applications.

Minimum Required Education and Experience
Bachelor of Law Degree.
Certificate of Legal Education.
Supervisory Management Training and experience.
Seven (7) years’ experience as an Attorney at Law, of which at least five (5) years’ experience in litigation.

Special Conditions Associated with the Job
Work will be conducted in an office outfitted with standard office equipment and specialized software.
May be required to work extended hours from time to time.
The environment is fast paced with on-going interactions with critical stakeholders and meeting tight deadlines which will result in high degrees of pressure, on occasions.
Will be required to attend court proceedings regularly.
Fair degree of travelling required (<50%) on a regular basis in normal execution of duties island wide and to attend conferences, seminars, and meetings locally.

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